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Arlington Milne

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Arlington MILNE is a brand catering to women's lifestyle needs and is dedicated to providing clothing and leather accessories. They specialize in creating classic pieces with a playful edge that adds a unique touch to your everyday wardrobe.

The company is family-owned and operated, and they prioritize supporting other family-run businesses. All design and development work is completed in-house in Sydney, and they collaborate closely with their production partners who are based both locally and overseas. They have long-standing relationships with their suppliers, and they are committed to using slow production methods.

The company is forward-thinking and is actively working on transitioning to 100% recycled packing materials while also reducing the use of packaging materials. Their clothing lines focus on natural fibers, and they produce collections based on orders received to minimize oversupply.

Quality is their top priority, and their team is dedicated to creating products that complement and enhance their customers' style while standing the test of time.