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Charlie Holiday

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Step into the world of Charlie Holiday clothing for a blend of comfort and style, perfect for any wardrobe.


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Diversity in Design

Charlie Holiday clothing embodies the spirit of Australian fashion – laid-back yet distinctly fashionable. From relaxed, sandy-beach vibes to urban-chic aesthetics, their collection spans an array of styles. This brand offers garments that are a fusion of easy-going comfort and contemporary design, making it an ideal choice for those who value both style and practicality.

Occasions and Versatility

Charlie Holiday's attire fits seamlessly into a myriad of social settings. Their clothing range includes versatile options for beach outings, casual city strolls, and the upscale allure needed for evening soirees. The selection offers a modern twist on classic pieces – think white playsuits for sun-soaked brunches, laid-back sweaters for breezy evenings, and elegant yet playful mini dresses suitable for day-to-night transitions.

Sustainable Choice

GlamCorner champions the versatility and conscious approach of Charlie Holiday, offering an array of their pieces for those who seek to stay fashion-forward in a sustainable manner. By featuring this brand, we provide our customers the opportunity to experience high-quality, trendy fashion with a reduced environmental impact.

Style It with Charlie

Accessorising with Charlie Holiday is all about embracing personal style. Envision pairing their understated garments with bold, statement jewellery or keeping it casual with simple, earthy tones. Whether you’re layering up for a new adventure or dressing down for a relaxed day, Charlie Holiday clothing offers ample opportunities for self-expression.

Designer Ethos

Charlie Holiday captures a design ethos that resonates with the carefree Australian lifestyle while also delivering on the promise of quality and wearability. The brand's philosophy is all about celebrating life’s adventures with clothing that’s both stylish and functional. They craft their pieces with the modern woman in mind, ensuring each design translates to a variety of life's stages and stories.

Recent Charlie Holiday Reviews

Customers who rented Charlie Holiday rated on average 3.9 stars based on 55 reviews.
Price ranges from $39 to $399.
September 19
Cute but TINY
This dress is cute, looks exactly like the pictures, but the biggest size (14/XL) is tiny! I couldn't even get it over my head. Don't get this unless you're a small 12 or even a 10.
August 28
Old and sack-like
Obviously the other sizes are in better condition but the size 8 is so olf, worn, pilled and shapeless. It doesn't cinch at the waist at all, the material looks and feels as though it's been washed 100 times, and it's super short. Do not recommend the 8.
August 8
Short but sweet
This was a fitted dress I couldn’t wear as it was too short. I have a juicy butt but i just couldn’t make it work. I wanted to wear it as a polished look but it was too small and short for me.
July 10
Beautiful Dress
A great staple dress to have In the wardrobe, very comfy too
May 7
Loved this too so versatile!
I have a thin midriff but am self conscious of my arms so I loved this knit top it went with everything. I’m a 32D so when I raised my arms the 8 rose up a little high. You can dress it up or down and it goes with everything.
Hired Charlie Holiday -Violet Top
Tracey , Cairns
April 26
Cute and Fun
I wore this dress at least 7 times in a month. I wore it to a few luncheons, shopping, and 2 dinner events. It's very comfortable. The long sleeves are great for cooler venues. I usually order an 8 but I wanted the length, so ordered a size 10 and it fitted fine. Just a bit blousy over the middle section, but I just tightened the belt.