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FLANNEL is an Australian lifestyle brand renowned for crafting timeless and enduring pieces. Their narrative commenced in 2006 when designer Kristy Lawrence meticulously curated a sophisticated lifestyle collection that seamlessly transitioned from home to the streets, prioritizing both comfort and style. Lawrence's deep-seated admiration for effortless sophistication and impeccable details has remained the cornerstone of FLANNEL's ongoing triumph.

In an era where many garments are designed for short-term use, FLANNEL distinguishes itself by emphasizing sturdiness and longevity in its creations. The typical FLANNEL woman embodies adventure, worldly experiences, and an unbridled spirit, all while leading a bustling life. Each FLANNEL creation represents a lasting investment, meticulously designed and crafted to withstand the test of time, all while complementing the dynamic woman who dons it.

The FLANNEL journey is a continually evolving one, marked by the expansion of our boutiques throughout Australia and the USA.