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JAC + JACK Collection

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Dive into the world of Jac and Jack, where timeless silhouettes meet quality fabrications. Discover the relaxed chic essence of this renowned Australian label.


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The Essence of JAC + JACK

Founded in 2004 by the dynamic duo, Jacqueline Hunt and Lisa Dempsey, JAC + JACK has carved a niche in the fashion world with its signature relaxed chic aesthetic. The brand effortlessly blends ease, comfort, and style, making it a go-to choice for fashion enthusiasts across Australia.

Quality Meets Style

Every piece from JAC + JACK speaks volumes about the brand's commitment to quality. With their headquarters nestled in Sydney and a design studio in LA, the brand ensures that each collection is a harmonious blend of top-notch fabrications and timeless designs. Whether you're looking for a casual day outfit or something more formal, JAC + JACK has got you covered.

Timeless Silhouettes for Every Occasion

From formal gowns to casual dresses, JAC + JACK offers a diverse range of outfits suitable for various occasions. Be it a cocktail party, a wedding, or a date night, the brand ensures you step out in style.

A Brand with a Global Footprint

While JAC + JACK is deeply rooted in Australian fashion culture, its influence is not limited to just one continent. With a design studio in LA, the brand caters to a global audience, ensuring that every fashion enthusiast, no matter where they are, gets a taste of JAC + JACK's unparalleled style.