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Montique Dresses

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Step into the realm of Montique, a brand revered for its timeless elegance and sophisticated designs.


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Montique - Elle Sequin Mink Gown - Mink
$129 rental$425 retail
$109.65 rental
Montique Elle Sequin Black Gown Black
$139 rental$425 retail
$118.15 rental
$139 rental$499 retail
$118.15 rental
$249 to buy$399 retail
$149.40 to buy
Montique  Lana Metallic Gown
$109 rental$429 retail
$92.65 rental
$99 rental$349 retail
$84.15 rental
$209 to buy$469 retail
$125.40 to buy
Montique - Stephanelle Lace Dress - Black Red -Front
$149 to buy$399 retail
$89.40 to buy
Montique-Ciana Cocktail Dress Wine-Wine-Front
$159 to buy$369 retail
$95.40 to buy
$59 rental$349 retail
$50.15 rental
Montique Milani Metallic Gown
$109 rental$349 retail
$92.65 rental
Montique - Harper Jumpsuit - Black - Front
$198 to buy$379 retail
$118.80 to buy
Montique - Harper Jumpsuit - Red - Front
$139 to buy$379 retail
$83.40 to buy
Montique - Diva Metallic Gown - Charcoal - Front
$249 to buy$329 retail
$149.40 to buy
Montique Amalia Jersey Wrap Gown Black
$119 rental$349 retail
$101.15 rental
Montique - Valini Tafetta Dress - Emerald - Front
$149 to buy$229 retail
$89.40 to buy
Montique - Donatella Applique Gown - Black - Front
$139 rental$459 retail
$118.15 rental
Montique - Alex Dress - Navy - Front
$119 rental$399 retail
$101.15 rental
Montique Caprice Halter Gown Black
$139 rental$469 retail
$118.15 rental
Montique - Sabelle Tonal Lace Dress - Navy - Front
$159 to buy$399 retail
$95.40 to buy

22 Item(s)

Elegance That Stands the Test of Time

Montique is renowned for its enduring elegance and meticulous craftsmanship, offering a selection of dresses and gowns that are a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and style. These pieces are the epitome of sophistication, making them the ideal choice for formal occasions and weddings.

A Curated Collection of Luxury

Our collection of Montique is discerningly selected, featuring pieces that embody the brand’s luxurious sophistication. Experience the elegance of Montique at a variety of events, and make a lasting impression with the brand’s iconic designs.

A Sustainable Approach to Fashion

Opting to hire Montique dresses from GlamCorner is both a sustainable and convenient choice, allowing you to enjoy the brand’s refined luxury without the permanence of purchase, thus contributing to a more eco-conscious fashion world.

Seamless Online Experience

GlamCorner ensures a smooth online rental experience, allowing you to effortlessly browse and rent from Montique’s distinguished collection. Your selected piece will arrive at your doorstep, ready to wear, enabling you to experience the timeless elegance of Montique with ease.

Flexibility in Fashion

GlamCorner provides unmatched flexibility with our rent and purchase options. Whether you desire to own a piece forever or simply rent a dress for a singular event, we offer a seamless, eco-conscious service tailored to your preferences.

Explore Montique with GlamCorner

Dive into the world of Montique at GlamCorner and discover the brand’s commitment to timeless elegance and sophisticated designs. Our extensive range of Montique dresses is tailored to meet your style needs for any event, allowing you to experience the world of Montique in all its elegance.

Recent Montique Dresses Reviews

Customers who rented Montique Dresses rated on average 4.7 stars based on 388 reviews.
Price ranges from $39 to $399.
September 8
Glam dress for a ball
I wanted something show stopper for a pride ball and this was it! I loved the flexibility of the sleeve/cape. I loved that it’s flashy while covering you up and no fear of wardrobe malfunctions. It’s really comfortable but it is very long.
Hired Lana Metallic Gown by Montique
Jaime , Perth
September 4
Super comfortable and flattering!
Rented this dress for a work ball, it was perfect! I was a bit worried as I have a bigger bust it fit very nicely and was very supportive, flattering and comfortable.
Hired Elle Sequin Black Gown by Montique
Amanda , Brisbane
September 1
Gorgeous dress
Rented this for a ball and would have loved to wear it but it was too tight around the bust and too much cleavage on show! I had sized up as had read that it runs a bit small. I found the length perfect with 4cm heals. Ended up wearing my back up dress which was lovely too.
Hired Mirabella Lurex Gown by Montique
August 24
Beautiful dress, too small
This dress is gorgeous but runs small. Didn't wear it
Hired Mirabella Lurex Gown by Montique
Mandy , Brisbane
August 18
Perfect for my black and white theme gala ! I wore size 10 which was a generous sizing, very comfortable to wear and flattering.
Hired Elle Sequin Black Gown by Montique
August 15
Lovely party dress for my friend's 50th
Extremely happy with fit, very comfortable dress to wear. Received lots of compliments on the night. Has a lovely gathered panel in the front so no need for skins.
Hired Petra Printed Scuba Dress by Montique