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Saint Helena

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Saint Helena brand effortlessly blends the essence of beach, poolside, leisure, and more. Drawing inspiration from the beach and the sea, embracing life's simple pleasures. Their Silhouettes, Knitwear, and Sets are designed for year-round comfort, catering to various feminine moods.

Saint Helena's design is influenced by its namesake, a picturesque region connecting Byron Bay and Bangalow in Australia, known for its rich arts, history, beach culture, and serene hinterlandÔÇöa unique global holiday destination. It's a place for reconnection, purposeful living, and a slower pace.

Saint Helena upholds the highest ethical and sustainable standards in fashion manufacturing. Working closely with our manufacturers and retail partners, valuing and rewarding every individual involved in the garment-making process. Clothing is crafted from durable, plant-based fabrics, while our swimwear comprises 80% recycled materials from oceans and landfills.