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Mother of the Bride Dresses Melbourne

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Discover the elegance of mother of the bride dresses in Melbourne, curated for timeless style and sophistication.


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Jadore - Lynn Dress
$280 to buy$400 retail
Moss and Spy Natalie Dress Midnight White midi
$249 rental$860 retail
$224.10 rental
Rebecca Vallance Amber Midi Dress floral print
$239 to buy$649 retail
$95.60 to buy
Moss and Spy Monet Dress Ink Multi Florals embroidered
$279 rental$925 retail
$251.10 rental
Moss and Spy Amber Tiered Dress Rose tiered
$239 to buy$850 retail
$95.60 to buy
Moss and Spy Valerie Dress Navy Midi lace
$239 to buy$995 retail
$95.60 to buy
Moss and Spy	Matisse Gown Floral Multi Sequins Dress
$329 to buy$765 retail
$131.60 to buy
$249 rental$825 retail
$224.10 rental
$139 rental$669 retail
$125.10 rental
$159 to buy$629 retail
$63.60 to buy
$119 rental$1485 retail
$107.10 rental
Anthea Crawford Satin Hi Lo Dress Lustre
$239 to buy$899 retail
$95.60 to buy
Anthea Crawford Regal Twill Bow Dress
$299 to buy$699 retail
$119.60 to buy
Pasduchas Envogue Gown Black
$219 to buy$389 retail
$87.60 to buy
Pasduchas Varve Gown Navy
$219 to buy$389 retail
$87.60 to buy
$109 to buy$389 retail
$43.60 to buy
$199 to buy$495 retail
$79.60 to buy
$239 to buy$649 retail
$95.60 to buy

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Mother of the Bride Dresses in Melbourne

Melbourne, a city known for its rich culture and fashion-forward populace, offers a plethora of choices when it comes to finding the perfect mother of the bride dress. As the wedding bells chime and preparations are in full swing, every mother wishes to look her best, reflecting both grace and style.

Designer Choices for the Discerning Eye

From the intricate designs of Scanlan Theodore to the contemporary styles of Zimmermann, Melbourne's fashion scene is brimming with designer choices. Whether you're drawn to the classic silhouettes of Acler or the modern twists of By Johnny, there's a dress waiting to be discovered.

Trends to Adore: Beyond the Traditional

While traditional gowns have their charm, many mothers are now exploring midi and maxi lengths, embracing the latest trends. From sequinned wonders that shimmer with every step to elegant formal gowns that exude sophistication, the choices are endless.

Occasions Beyond the Wedding

While the wedding is a significant event, there are other occasions where a mother can shine. Be it a cocktail evening, a gala, or even a brunch with the bridesmaids, having a versatile dress is key.

The Melbourne Touch

What sets Melbourne apart is its unique blend of tradition and modernity. This is reflected in the choice of dresses available for mothers. From timeless classics to contemporary masterpieces, every dress tells a story of Melbourne's rich fashion tapestry.