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Rebecca Vallance Dresses

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Discover the stylish sophistication of Rebecca Vallance dresses at GlamCorner, featuring a collection perfect for any elegant occasion.


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Rebecca Vallance Hadi Midi Dress
$129 rental$649 retail
$109.65 rental
Rebecca Vallance Tirano Mini Dress
$249 to buy$549 retail
$124.50 to buy
Rebecca Vallance Tropicale Maxi
$149 rental$749 retail
$126.65 rental
Rebecca Vallance Tropicale Midi Tropical Print
$109 rental$629 retail
$92.65 rental
Rebecca Vallance Calla One Shoulder Midi Yellow
$169 rental$699 retail
$143.65 rental
Rebecca Vallance Dalia Midi Dress Pink Polka Dot fit flare
$129 rental$629 retail
$109.65 rental
Rebecca Vallance Dalia Mini Dress Pink Polka Dot balloon
$129 rental$529 retail
$109.65 rental
Rebecca Vallance Quixote Mini Gold metallic
$119 rental$599 retail
$101.15 rental
Rebecca Vallance Garance Jacket and Pant Set Pink
$229 rental$1199 retail
$194.65 rental
Rebecca Vallance Garance Midi PInk
$139 rental$629 retail
$118.15 rental
Rebecca Vallance Garance Mini Pink
$189 to buy$549 retail
$94.50 to buy
Rebecca Vallance Astoria Long Sleeve Midi abstract
$259 to buy$829 retail
$129.50 to buy
Rebecca Vallance La Violetta Mini Dress Blue
$129 rental$479 retail
$109.65 rental
Rebecca Vallance Lake Como Maxi straight
$189 to buy$749 retail
$94.50 to buy
Rebecca Vallance Fiore Midi off shoulder
$429 to buy$629 retail
$214.50 to buy
Rebecca Vallance Samir Midi Dress
$369 to buy$699 retail
$184.50 to buy
Rebecca Vallance Garda Short Sleeve Midi
$189 to buy$629 retail
$94.50 to buy
Rebecca Vallance Blume Jumpsuit
$189 to buy$799 retail
$94.50 to buy
Rebecca Vallance Arles Mini Dress Print
$299 to buy$399 retail
$149.63 to buy
Rebecca Vallance Arles Midi Dress Print
$227 to buy$599 retail
$113.50 to buy

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Rebecca Vallance Dress Collection

Explore the refined world of Rebecca Vallance dresses at GlamCorner, where fashion meets grace and style. Renowned for her sleek designs and modern silhouettes, Rebecca Vallance offers a range of dresses that cater to both high fashion and practicality. From glamorous evening gowns to chic day dresses, each piece showcases meticulous craftsmanship and an innate understanding of the female form.

Suitable for Every Occasion

Whether you're attending a formal event, a business function, or a casual gathering, Rebecca Vallance provides attire that is both appropriate and eye-catching. Her dresses, known for their precise cuts and luxurious fabrics, ensure that you look polished at any event. The versatility of her collection makes it easy to find a dress that suits your style and the occasion's demands.

Featured Designer: Rebecca Vallance

At GlamCorner, we are proud to highlight Rebecca Vallance, a designer who stands out for her ability to blend contemporary design with timeless elegance. Her use of bold colours, structured tailoring, and innovative materials has placed her at the forefront of fashion, appealing to women who value both style and functionality in their wardrobes.

The GlamCorner Experience

Opting for Rebecca Vallance dress rental through GlamCorner allows you to enjoy luxury fashion sustainably. Our service supports the circular economy by extending the life of garments and reducing waste. Experience the luxury of wearing designer dresses without the full commitment of purchase, and enjoy a new look for every occasion.

FAQs About Rebecca Vallance Dresses

- What makes Rebecca Vallance dresses unique?

Rebecca Vallance distinguishes herself with her signature sophisticated tailoring, innovative use of fabrics, and a keen eye for detail that makes each dress a standout piece.

- Can I wear Rebecca Vallance dresses to a wedding?

Absolutely! Rebecca Vallance offers a variety of dresses that are perfect for weddings, ranging from subtle and sophisticated to bold and dramatic.

- How do I care for a Rebecca Vallance dress during my rental?

Each rental comes with instructions on how to care for the dress. Generally, it is advisable to keep the dress hung properly and avoid any spills or stains.

Recent Rebecca Vallance Dresses Reviews

Customers who rented Rebecca Vallance Dresses rated on average 4.7 stars based on 1230 reviews.
Price ranges from $39 to $399.
October 23
Lovely, but for small boobs
This dress is not for those with a medium sized or above chest. I've got very mid-sized boobs but they were almost falling out of the dress. Very disappointed, because otherwise the dress was lovely - great cut below the busy, colour was awesome and POCKETS!
October 23
My favourite dress
I've hired this dress multiple times. It's a flattering fit and is comfortable as well. Loads of compliments whenever I've worn it. True to size but has a tiny bit of give if you need the room, particularly around the hips.
Hired Celeste Tie Midi Dress by Rebecca Vallance
Kate , Sydney
September 25
Very comfortable and versatile
Have been wanting to order for a while and found this to be a pretty, comfortable dress suitable for work and weekend, good for spring and summer
September 20
Cute, just not my vibe
This shirt is really nice, it looks exactly like it does in the photos. Fits really nicely and a good material. The print was a bit too busy for my taste, and I didn't love the way it hangs at the neckline/chest area.
September 19
Too small
Too small. Ordered in my regular size but absolutely no way it was going to fit me. Sent back unworn.
Hired Natalia One Sleeve Midi Dress by Rebecca Vallance
September 19
Too small
Beautiful dress but unfortunately too small. I am usually a stock standard 14 but this didn’t fit. I had to send back unworn.
Hired Pipi Midi by Rebecca Vallance