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Hire Designer Dresses for Gatsby Party (50)

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$89 rental$399 retail
$89 rental$350 retail
$89 rental$399 retail
$79 rental$370 retail
$79 rental$325 retail
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$129 rental$599 retail
$99 rental$499 retail
$129 rental$699 retail
$49 rental$179 retail
$149 rental$599 retail
$149 rental$690 retail

Get ready to set your inner party girl free as we celebrate the 1920’s with a night of glamour you will never forget! This era was all about opulence, think lavish over the top accessories, rich jewel tones, tassels and dazzling sequin! Featuring stunning collections from Grace and Blaze and Amber Sceats, you can hire your look from head to toe! For more fashion tips and 20’s fashion inspiration, look no further! Our stylists have compiled a ‘Gatsby Dress Code Style Guide’ with all the hints and tips you need. Be inspired to complete your glamorous Gatsby look!

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