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Explore the distinctive elegance of Aje at GlamCorner. Our collection of Aje dresses, available for hire in Australia, embodies modern sophistication and unique design aesthetics, perfect for the fashion-forward enthusiast.


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White Revitalise Midi Skirt
$250 to buy$355 retail
AJE Cropped Black Linen Pants
$89 to buy$280 retail
AJE Astrid Tie Back Mini Dress
$109 rental$455 retail
$98.10 rental
AJE Elysium Blouson Midi Dress Blue
$99 rental$595 retail
$89.10 rental
AJE Ennoble Midi Dress Fuchsia
$109 rental$455 retail
$98.10 rental
AJE Gazelle Mini Dress
$79 rental$445 retail
$71.10 rental
Aje - Oasis Olive Leaf Shell Top
$129 to buy$299 retail
Aje Impression Dress
$279 to buy$475 retail
AJE Solitude Cutout Mini Beige
$69 rental$455 retail
$62.10 rental
AJE Serendipity Reflection Midi Satin
$89 rental$595 retail
$80.10 rental

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Aje: Modern Elegance Meets Bohemian Charm

Aje is a renowned fashion house, a symbol of modern elegance intertwined with bohemian allure. It’s where contemporary design elements meet unique aesthetics, offering a distinctive style that’s both captivating and timeless. Aje’s creations are more than just dresses; they are a contemporary fashion narrative, ensuring a standout presence at various events, from sophisticated galas to elegant weddings and vibrant cocktail parties.

Vibrant Palette of Aje

Aje’s collection is a vibrant spectrum, a visual symphony of colours ranging from playful pink to elegant white, and the ever-versatile black. Each hue is a testament to Aje’s commitment to offering a diverse palette that caters to every fashion enthusiast's preference, allowing them to express their individuality through a myriad of color choices.

Versatile Styles for Every Occasion

Whether you’re attending a formal event or a casual brunch, Aje has a style to suit. The midi dresses are versatile, making them a suitable choice for a variety of events, while the maxi dresses exude a sense of grandeur, making them the go-to choice for more formal gatherings. Aje’s collection is a harmonious blend of style and versatility, ensuring every piece is a timeless addition to your wardrobe.

Aje and Sustainability: A Conscious Choice

Choosing Aje is not just about embracing high-end fashion; it’s about making a conscious decision towards sustainability. By opting to hire Aje dresses from GlamCorner, you are taking a step towards a more sustainable fashion future. Immerse yourself in the luxurious aesthetics of Aje while contributing to eco-conscious fashion choices and reducing fashion waste.

Seamless Online Experience with Aje

GlamCorner provides a seamless online rental experience, allowing you to browse, select, and rent Aje’s extensive range with ease. Every piece is a representation of unique style and modern elegance. Experience the convenience and simplicity of having your chosen Aje piece delivered directly to your doorstep, ready to wear, and make a statement wherever you go.

Rent or Purchase: Flexibility with Aje

At GlamCorner, we offer unparalleled flexibility with our rent and purchase options. Explore our diverse collection of Aje pieces and decide whether to own a piece of Aje’s elegance for a lifetime or experience the brand’s uniqueness for a special occasion. Whether you’re looking to make a long-term investment in a piece or simply want to experience different styles for every occasion, GlamCorner provides a service tailored to your individual needs.

Aje: A Symphony of Elegance & Style

Aje is more than a brand; it’s a symphony of elegance and style, a harmonious fusion of modern design and bohemian charm. It’s where every piece is a narrative, a story of contemporary elegance and unique aesthetics, ensuring you leave a lasting impression, whether at a black-tie event or a beach wedding.

Aje’s Timeless Elegance

Aje is a beacon of modern elegance and unique aesthetics in the contemporary fashion world. Its diverse and vibrant collection ensures that every woman can find a piece that resonates with her individual style and preference. By choosing Aje from GlamCorner, you are not only making a fashion statement but also contributing to a more sustainable and eco-conscious fashion industry. Explore the world of Aje and experience the brand’s timeless elegance and sophisticated luxury.

Recent Aje Dresses Reviews

Customers who rented Aje Dresses rated on average 4.3 stars based on 167 reviews.
Price ranges from $39 to $399.
September 28
Great for a wedding
I rented this for a wedding. It was really nice to wear, but needed higher heels as it was very long.
September 22
Fun potential… if you’re a petite model.
Wanted this for a race day… so much material, so much fun, perfect fit all over…. Until you get to your rib cage and chest to try and zip this thing up…. Definitely not designed with a females body shape in mind.
September 20
Cute white jeans but small make
These jeans looked exactly like the photo - very cute and I can tell it's good quality but Aje is a small make so it didn't fit me properly.
September 12
Complimented on these pants!
These pants were fun, I’m not entirely sure about the fit? A little boxy / baggy? Wasn’t a huge fan of the material. Lots of people complimented the colours. They were fun for something different.
Ali , Melbourne
September 5
The best jeans!
Loved these jeans, comfortable stylish and edgy. Wore them endlessly and didn’t want to give them back! A little roomy around the waist for me but otherwise great fit. Could roll up over boots or keep low and still looked great
September 4
Pants with a fun twist!
These bright pants looked really good with a bronze leopard print shirt I had and a blazer … interesting seams and detail. Always love Aje.