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LEO LIN Dresses

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Discover the artistic allure of LEO LIN Dresses, where contemporary sophistication meets timeless elegance. Available for hire or purchase at GlamCorner.


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LEO LIN The Nobility Dress midi
$179 rental$999 retail
$161.10 rental
LEO LIN Luminous Mini Dress Imperial
$139 rental$399 retail
$125.10 rental
LEO LIN Luminous Mini Dress Air
$109 rental$399 retail
$98.10 rental
LEO LIN Cambridge Mini Dress Air
$149 rental$599 retail
$134.10 rental
LEO LIN Freedom Madras Cut Out Dress
$149 rental$699 retail
$134.10 rental
LEO LIN Rose Blanche Bustier Dress No Belt Green
$239 rental$899 retail
$215.10 rental
Rose Blanche Mini Dress Dark Grey
$139 rental$499 retail
$125.10 rental
LEO LIN Illusory Mini Dress
$199 rental$599 retail
$179.10 rental
LEO LIN Illusory Silk Midi Dress
$399 to buy$799 retail
$159.60 to buy
LEO LIN Illusory Cotton Dress
$219 rental$699 retail
$197.10 rental
LEO LIN Carousel Cut Out Dress Rainbow Carousel
$89 rental$699 retail
$80.10 rental
LEO LIN Viridian Silk Linen Dress Forest
$169 rental$899 retail
$152.10 rental
LEO LIN Carousel Linen Shirt Dress Rainbow Carousel
$169 rental$499 retail
$152.10 rental
LEO LIN Luminous Linen Cutout Dress
$89 rental$499 retail
$80.10 rental
LEO LIN Mosaica Silk Linen Maxi
$259 to buy$999 retail
$103.60 to buy
LEO LIN Midnight Silk Linen Dress Black
$119 rental$799 retail
$107.10 rental
LEO LIN Mosaica Silk Shirt Dress midi
$399 to buy$799 retail
$159.60 to buy

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LEO LIN Dresses

When it comes to fashion that transcends the ordinary, LEO LIN dresses stand as a testament to artistic flair and contemporary sophistication. This designer range, available exclusively at GlamCorner, offers a unique blend of aesthetics and panache, setting the stage for an unforgettable style narrative.

Dresses for Every Occasion

LEO LIN’s collection is not just about dresses; it's about creating moments. Whether you're attending a cocktail soirée or a grand gala, there's a LEO LIN piece that promises to be the perfect fit for every event. The range spans across various lengths and colours, offering something for everyone.

Rent or Buy – The Choice is Yours

Why limit your fashion choices? At GlamCorner, you have the flexibility to either rent or purchase a LEO LIN dress. The collection offers a kaleidoscope of options in mini, midi, and maxi lengths, allowing you to choose based on your personal style and occasion.

Experience LEO LIN'S Distinctive Allure

The brand's commitment to craftsmanship is evident in every stitch and seam. Coupled with GlamCorner's dedication to making designer wear accessible, your online shopping experience promises to be unmatched. Explore the sumptuous fabrics and avant-garde silhouettes of Leo Lin Dresses and let your style narrative unfold with panache.

Dive Deeper into GlamCorner's Designer Offerings

If you find yourself enamoured by LEO LIN, consider exploring other designers like Scanlan Theodore or Zimmermann. Each offers a unique take on fashion, allowing you to diversify your wardrobe and discover new favourites.

Recent LEO LIN Dresses Reviews

Customers who rented LEO LIN Dresses rated on average 4.5 stars based on 212 reviews.
Price ranges from $39 to $399.
September 14
A comfortable dress for day event
This linen designer dress I wore to a day event was comfortable and garnered numerous compliments. It effortly blends style and comfort for a standout daytime ensemble.
Hired La Casa Linen Mini Dress by LEO LIN
A Skye , Sydney
September 5
Not structured enough
Too loose and flimsy and rode up. I wasn’t able to wear it
Rachael , Temora
August 7
Gorgeous statement dress with amazing colours! Wow
Such a beautiful well cut flattering dress that was just so comfortable to wear. I got lots of lovely comments
Ginny , Sydney
July 7
Wish I’d worn it!
This was my first choice but when I got it I didn’t think it was dressy enough-it really is though! So beautiful! I wished that I’d worn it!
July 5
Beautiful Skirt
Skirt is beautiful and great quality but unfortunately i didnt wear it as the sizing was weird and it didnt look right . Perhaps it was a little big at the waist.
Steph , Brisbane
June 28
Gorge, as usual
L+L are my all time corporate faves. Another winner!